Friday, 27 June 2014

Pashmina Shawls - India's Pride

Pashmina Shawls of Kashmir needs no introduction. This finest fabric inherit its beauty from its source of origin; the mountain goat. Indian Cashmere shawls are undoubtedly demanded all over the world for their traditional Kashmir embroidered pattern along with their soft, smooth and comfortable texture. Always tops amongst luxury clothing, Pashmina shawls are light to wear yet warmer.
Cashmere Pashmina Shawls
Dynamic demand for these shawls have given space to Pashmina shawls manufacturers to evolve their collections of pashmina wraps, shawls and stoles. The new age shawls mesmerize the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Kashmir in a fashionable forward style. These designs are characterized by glowing brilliance art work, hand-woven Kani style, embroidered imitation of nature with alluring shades of colors, beautiful Sozni embroidery and needle work featuring different form of stitching.

What's special about Cashmere shawls?

Cashmere Shawls

Every single piece of Cashmere shawl is exclusively hand spun, weaved and embroidered by native artisans of Kashmir. The art of crafting shawls involves excellence in series of deep-rooted skills of about 23 stages which have come down generations to generations. The most special part of Pashmina shawls is its quality and artistic beauty given by Kashmiri Artisans who spend about a year in designing a single shawl.

So, every single piece of Pashmina features original quality worth for its price. Investing in Pashmina means taking home primary yet essential timeless display of luxury as a part of wardrobe.

Variants of Pashmina Shawls
Pashmina Shawls

From mid 90's the market for Pashmina shawls witness a prominence increase in demand. So as their different forms such as cashmere, silk-pashmina. Cashmere shawls are the 100% pure variant of pashmina while silk-pashmina is a blend of 30% silk and 70% pashmina fiber. This is mainly done to stretch the presence of Pashmina by making it affordable for major section of society.

Indian Pashmina Shawls manufacturers presents numerous patterns, styles and color combination to select from. Their collection range from bright colors to matte, paste and dull colors. These shawls come in different sizes and are ideal for combining with both traditional Indian wear or casual attire.

There is a common misconception of limiting Pashmina Shawls for winters to provide warmth to body. The magic and grace of Cashmere shawls are for all seasons, fashion and genders. The warmth and softness of Pashmina shawls are also enjoyed by men as they impart a sophisticated look whenever paired with denims, corduroy pants or Indian traditional attire.

It will always be great to reward yourself with a Pashmina shawl for no reason or gift cashmere shawl to your loved ones to express your love for them.


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