Thursday, 3 July 2014

Luggage Materials - That Will Definitely Create Its Market Stake

A rugged fabric or hard PVC case? Stainless steel loops and zips for bright appeal or brass accessories for antique grace? Which combination of bag materials will survive market competition?
Really..!! Manufacturers had to face hard time in finalizing the combination of luggage bag materials which will attract customers and grant them a good market share.

Luggage Bags
Customers' Prospect – Let's Face Off

Manufacturers design luggage bags, suitcases and carry bags for customers. So, it is important to first research then plan and execute. The Fabric remains a prime concern for most of customers for their luggage bags for so many reasons. Light in weight, foldable, repairable and economical are some to mention.

Though the hard shell bag provides better protection to cameras & laptops while traveling, 4 in 10 customers tend to buy such bags. Reason – heavy, tends to crack and a bit expensive.

Well, again the whole story depends on how customers are going to use their luggage bags. Their demands rest on abrasion resistance, water proof and durable luggage materials that are exclusive in design. Nylon, Polyester, Laminated Canvas and Leather make a good choice for soft shell luggage bags. ABS, Polycarbonate & Polypropylene provide a bold platform to craft hard shell bags as well as make them fashionable and meet consumers' demands.

Expert's Tip: Stick to dark shades of fabric colors as they are easy to clean and maintain. Airlines are getting strict on size of luggage case so keep the size of hard shell in-between small to medium which will further help in cutting down cost.

Next Comes Interiors

Interiors of luggage bag makes packing and trip easier or worsen it. Long lasting interior lining, durable grade of straps and buckles are small things which create big impact on customers' minds. Frame of wood, plastic and metal to hold luggage material in shape, smooth running zips and so on; customers checks such interiors with much details prior making purchase.

Expert's Tip: Invest and use good quality of interior materials so as to increase sales volume.

Accessories To Follow

Luggage Material
It is equally important to paired luggage bag materials with a well-made system including wheel, trolley and handles. The weight of every bag along with its belongings fall directly on such system. So always demand for supreme quality of wheels and handles. Some variants are as follows;

Wheels – Choice can be made among internally mounted wheel to provide better durability, sealed with ball bearing system or spinner wheel to provide 360-degree mobility.

Handles – Always look for wide, padded and comfortable handles to reduce weight from hands.

Fixed & Detachable shoulder straps to reduce weight from shoulders, steel or vinyl corners to provide safety to luggage bags and in-built locks for better protection also considered as important as luggage case material.

Expert's Tip: Accessorizing is a way of making luggage distinctly different in an economical yet fashionable way. Adding signature tags, metallic buttons and studs will definitely going to increase market share.
There are dozens of colors and variants of bag luggage materials to choose from.

Hope this will help one to choose a luggage bag with right luggage material to make their journey happy and comfortable.

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