Monday, 1 February 2016

How To Select Public Address System

Public address systems include equipment that are used for amplifying the volume of speech so that large number of people can hear the voice. These equipment are mainly used for addressing public with relevant information. Special events like conferences, stage shows, meetings and weddings where a huge crowd need to address, a PA system is preferred.

Public Address System

Setting up of Public Address Systems depend on various factors. Some are, number of people to address, time of an event along with type, area and location of venue. This task can be little daunting for people who are setting up PA system for the first time. Number of questions emerged in their minds while selecting PA systems. Some are,
  • What all equipment do I need?
  • How many loudspeakers do I need?
  • Number & types of sound sources required?
  • How much power will they consume?
 To provide assistant, we have gathered information below as a short tutorial. In which, we have explained the basic components of PA system along with their purpose. A Public address system has three components – a pickup device like a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker.

Sound Sources – Various types of sound sources are used as a pick-up device to convert sound waves into an electronic signal. The microphones are the most widely used sound source, which further comes in various specifications. There are wired and wireless microphones as well as pendent type and handheld microphones. Microphones come handy while addressing public in a stage shows, meetings and conferences. 

Sound Sources


In addition, recorded media like CD, Minidisc and Cassettes are also used as a sound sources in events. Such sound sources are used in weddings, stage shows, music events and rallies for playing music and prerecorded voice.

Amplifiers – The voice signal produce by above mention sound sources generally have weak frequency and need to be amplified so that it can be powered by loudspeakers. Various specifications of amplifiers are used for taking line-level signal and bosting it to drive a loudspeaker. 




Loudspeakers – The amplified signal is finally converted into sound waves using loudspeakers in order to broadcast message to the public. A loudspeaker is a cabinet which contains one or more drivers that produce and deliver delivers clear and precise sound. 



The public address system manufacturers has presented many configurations of PA systems to ensure proper management and power requirements. The purpose of public address system drive its requirements such as power requirement for addressing large audience or at noisy environment would be more. One should make purchase decision after considering the environment and number of audience. 

PA Systems

In some cases, events management demands visually pleasing PA system to make the environment pleasing and interesting. Flashlights, LEDs or other display units are installed in order to create more impact in the minds of audience. Hence, it is necessary to consider the price factor and potential for expanding PA system in future before making a purchase decision.

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