Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sweaters – The Essential Winter Wears

Sweaters are also known as pullovers or jumpers or jerseys. These are knitted garments which cover the arms and the torso to give protection from cold and are popular with women, men and children of all ages. These sweaters are usually worn over a T shirt, shirt, blouse or other top and these can also be worn just next to the skin. These designer sweaters were conventionally made from wool but now various other materials like synthetic fibers, cotton or combination of fibers are used for making. These garments are maintained by dry cleaning or washing and with the use of a pill razor or lint roller.
These knitted garments apply to the extensive collection of knit garments. These can also refer to cardigans, pullovers or the garments with fasteners that open in front etc. Designer sweaters are found in various necklines and the most popular necklines are the crew neck, turtle neck and the V neck. The waistline of these garments is typically at hip height being slightly longer or shorter which may overlap the waist of the skirts or pants of a person or can vary significantly. The waistline in these garments can range from below the bust in garments of women to mid leg in either sex or can be longer like the poncho shirt dress in knitted variations. The sleeve length of these garments is also not constant like it can be sleeveless or cap sleeves or short sleeved or three quarters to full length. The opening or front curve line of a cardigan allows adding more styles like bolero jacket or a surplice. The hems of these sweaters can have different types of borders like frills, ribbing and picots.
These sweaters are made from fabrics which are generally elastic and have a drape or feel or softer hand than other woven fabrics. These knitted garments have a soft drape and are more tightly fitted and does not require tailoring for conforming well to the body which are necessary in other woven garments like gores, flares and darts. Even when the shaping is utilized, seams are even not required, just the fabric needs to be knitted itself.

Various types of Designer Sweaters are also available. Designer knitted garments are perfect winter wears which complement the normal woven fabrics of the wearer. These designer sweaters can also be woven on machine with most contemporary designs and fabrics. These sweaters are also available online. Persons interested in these garments can browse the internet and choose their desired items from the catalogs and sites published on the web of various renowned designers and brands.

Designer Sweaters

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