Thursday, 3 December 2015

Importance of Safety Shoes in Industries

Accidents may happen any time and anywhere. They don't need a reason to happen. So, it is better to anticipate the worst possible scenario and follow all safety precautions at work place.

The work environment inside an industry is surrounded with dangerous things and chemical exposure; which may cause foot minor or major injury. Feet of many workers get damaged due to accidents as they work in harsh conditions and carry heavy loads. Most accidents in the work environment are preventable just by taking some safety precautions. Wearing safety shoes at work perhaps provide a great degree of protection against accidents or damage.

Safety Shoes – Protection Area

Safety shoes exist in many kinds of specifications for making the job safer to a great extent. Some of them are riggers boots, steel toe cap boots, riggers, steel toe cap shoes, safety trainers and safety wellingtons. These shoes are durable enough and provide protective reinforcement in the toe for protection against falling objects. Also, safety shoes provide protection against electrical shock, punctures, chain-saws and many others.

At many times foot injuries may be very serious and can lead to difficulty in walking or performing a job. Wearing safety shoes can help in preventing foot injuries in following ways.
Protection From Falling Objects – The work environment of industry is very dynamic where many people deal with heavy machines and loads. Many a time, heavy materials and loads fall either from people or from these equipment which increases the chances of foot injury. Under these circumstances, steel toe boots prove beneficial in providing protection to foot, thereby preventing foot from injuries.

Protection Against Electric Shocks – Workers in industry works under hazards electrical situations. Wherein, they could face potential electric shocks or accumulate static electricity which can cause electric sparks within working environment. Non-conductive safety shoes made from leather and rubber are used by workers to provide protection against electric currents.

Provide Protection Against Burns – In an industry burns injury from fire and chemicals can also happen. To prevent these burns from molten metals splashes and chemical splashes, safety shoes made of durable materials are used.

Protection From Extreme Weather – The workers who work outside are most exposed to the harsh weather conditions. In cold environments such as mountains and glaciers area, they work with danger of getting frostbites and hypothermia. On other hand extreme hot conditions of mines can give burns in their foot. Normal shoes cannot provide protection against these weather conditions. Hence, safety shoes are worn by workers to get protected under extreme weather conditions.

In addition, safety shoes are used for protecting worker's toes from getting struck by sharp objects like nails, metal pieces along with stones and glass scrap. The work environment is surrounded with possibilities of slips, falls and trips which can happen any time resulting in accidents. Installing anti-slip floor materials can reduce this problem. Many a time, the hazards chemicals or sticky substances get spill on the floor. Under such situations, anti-slip floors are not sufficient to deal with the cautions associated with these spills. However, it is recommended to wear safety shoes in an industrial working environment.


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