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Plastic Furniture – The Latest Trend

Furniture has become such an integral part of our everyday existence that without it, homes, apartments and office spaces are like empty shells. These are now taken as a style and status symbol whether placed in homes, office, restaurants or any other place. Moreover, Furniture are available in large variety in different sorts of material such as Wood, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Pine, Cast Iron, Acrylic, Stainless Steel and so forth.

Prior, most of people used to prefer wooden furniture to furnish their homes and apartments as well as to complete their basic needs. But now, with the rising price of wood as well as the changes in lifestyle of people, the demand of Plastic Furniture has grown up by many times. These plastic furniture not only complete the basic need but also depicts a person's choice, class, taste and status. Also, these furniture help in upgrading the decor of interiors or exteriors of a place due to their availability in varied shapes, attractive colors, designs and sizes.

Reason for the Growth of Plastic Furniture Industry

In modern times, people are looking for best furniture for their home or office decor in cost effective price and therefore, they are now preferring to have plastic furniture. The manufacturing industry of these furniture is currently estimated Rs 24000 crore approx. in Indian market, additionally showing good potential for export. This is because, the raw materials used for manufacturing plastic furniture are available in abundance.

Since, Plastic furniture manufacturers offer their products at less cost, therefore consumers belonging to low and middle income segments can also afford these, which has further propelled the growth of Plastic Furniture Industry.

What are the Kinds of Polymers Used in Furniture?

Earlier, the resources for manufacturing furniture were limited but now, several kinds of polymers are available, which are used in the production of Plastic Furniture in a good quality. Such sorts of polymers are:


Polypropylene Plastic is commonly used in household items owing to its appreciable properties such as high strength & durability. Moreover, colors can be easily blended with this polymer which further offers colorful variety in the range of plastic furniture such as dining chairs, restaurant tables, study tables etc.


This kind of plastic is generally preferred because of its sturdiness and remoulding property. It is mostly suitable for making décor items like floor lamps.

Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC)

PVC is strikingly famous across Plastic Furniture manufacturing industry. It's not only used to design furniture for domestic segment but also for commercial applications. The furniture which is made up Polyvinyl Chloride is appropriate for using in exteriors such as lawns, gardens, open-restaurants etc, owing to its properties like water resistance, high strength and many more.


This polycarbonate plastic is best for manufacturing furniture as it is environmental friendly and recyclable. High strength is a added feature of Polycarbonate.


Nylon Furniture can be easily found in the market which are being used in several industrial applications.

Benefits of Using High Grade Plastic Furniture

Plastic Furniture is not only being used in houses but equally demanded in commercial purposes owing to its stylish and classic appeal. Various kinds of plastic furniture are available in the Indian market and overseas including study & dining tables, cabinets, kitchen table, kid's furniture, television stands and trolleys and much more. A few points of interest of utilizing plastic furniture are: 

Rugged: A furniture produced out of great quality plastic, for example, PVC, rarely breaks. Such plastic furniture can handle high pressure and weight which in turn shows that high quality plastic provide strength to the furniture and can be recommended for long term use. 

Unaffected by Termites: Unlike wood, Plastic Furniture are safe from termites and other insects.

Rust Resistant: Plastic Furniture can be used in both interiors and exteriors places such as gardens, roofs, lawns etc.

Less Maintenance: Plastic Furniture do not require paint or any polish which is must in metal and wooden furniture. Also, these plastic furniture can be easily cleaned, simply by using sponge or a wet piece of cloth.

Recyclable: The best feature of plastic furniture is that these can be re-cycled and re-shaped in different designs and sizes.

Variety: People can find huge variety in plastic furniture in terms of vibrant colors, styles and designs to match up their interiors.

Light in Weight: Plastic Furniture are not heavy as compared to other furniture like wooden furniture and iron furniture. This feature find very helpful while shifting the furniture or when doing arrangements.

Plastic Furniture
 Currently, Plastic Furniture is not only limited to chairs & tables but many home decors items and necessary furniture made up of plastic are being preferred which in turn has changed the entire scenario of plastic furniture industry.

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