Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Brief Introduction about Furniture and Furniture Fittings

Furniture is one of the most essential utility items that humans need for their day to day working. These are usually made of different materials such as plastics, wood or metal and are made aesthetically pleasing in order to accentuate the living space ambiance. Choosing the right furniture for any space is very important as the right one usually gives the right dimension and also changes the outlook.  Different styles of furniture that are demanded by customers these days require sophisticated Furniture fittings to give them the desired outlook and utility value.

Latest trends in Furniture:
Latest Furniture Trends
Consumers nowadays are looking for some definite trends in furniture which serves various purposes and comes handy in many cases. The most sought after recent trends are as follows:
  • Creative designs in sofas and couches are very much in vogue especially with a matching wall design.
  • The modern beds usually have a storage space in the form of drawers to serve two purposes at the same time.
  • People are now experimenting with antique and hand crafted furniture as they usually add a new dimension to one’s home.
  • Usually overpriced and bulky furniture are avoided nowadays as they take up a lot of space and are certainly not cost efficient.
  • The color white is back in trend and people are experimenting with it in more ways than one.
  • Last but not the least, modern day homes are also equipped with workplace furniture, given the system of home offices that is fast catching up these days.

Types of fitting and fixtures used in modern day furniture

Furniture Fittings

There are various types of Furniture fittings used in modern times which are generally as follows:
  • Chipboard plugs and screws- These are generally used in furniture like cupboards and various other storage spaces. There are various screw bites into the chipboard providing a good grip. To get a stronger grip, chipboard plugs are also used.
  • Block joints are used to join two pieces of chipboard at the right angle. These block joints in most cases are fitted in various angles in various corners to serve different functions.
  • For joining two panels back to back or end to end, the type of Furniture fixtures used are panel connectors.
  • Drawers are one of the most necessary Furniture fittings which come with every possible kind of furniture in order to make room for more storage space.

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