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All about Generator Parts and Generator Sets

Generator Sets
Generator Sets
Several kinds of Generator Sets are available in modern times for various industrial operations. This classification is made based on the type of energy the generator uses for its operation. The broad classifications of different types are Electric Generator, diesel generator, Engine generator and lastly motor Generator.

Electric generator
This type of generator usually converts mechanical form of energy into electrical energy. Electric current is forced to flow via an external circuit thus generating mechanical energy. The energy generated can easily be used in turbine steam engine, internal combustion engine, wind turbine and more. In various power grids, this generator also provides power.

Diesel generators
These particular types of Generator Sets are very common in the industrial sector. These usually combine a diesel engine with an electric generator in order to help in generation of electrical energy of varying strengths. Unlike electric generators, these are mainly used in areas for emergency power supply. This generator mainly functions in places where there is no connection with power grid supply.

Engine generators
This particular generator usually is a combination of an engine and an electrical generator. Available in various power ratings, this generator can be used in power plants, gas turbines and also in hybrid electric bus.

Motor generators
For conversion of electrical energy into another form, motor generators are used. A motor engine is a part of this form of generator. Motor generators also help in the conversion of battery power into high DC voltage.

Factors to be considered while buying parts of generator sets

Generator Parts
Generator Parts
There are some factors which certainly need to be considered while purchasing Generator Parts. Some of the points to be kept in mind are as follows
  • It is always advisable to opt for genuine spare parts for a generator. This particular equipment needs to function for long durations and thus should also be wear and tear resistant.
  • Genuine parts are completely compatible with the generators and they fit well. Thus it becomes easier to operate and the generator also makes less noise
  • If one is opting for the best parts of the generators, then it certainly decreases the maintenance cost and thus preserves it for a longer time.
  • And last but not the least; one should always compare the market prices very carefully so as to buy the best Generator Parts at a very reasonable rate.

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