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Badges and Emblems – Variety and Significance

A Badge or a marker or a patch is a small piece of metal, plastic or cloth, which bears a design or words. This is typically worn to identify a person or to indicate membership of an organization whereas an emblem is an object or its representation, symbolizing a quality, state, class of persons, etc.
The manufacturers of badges and emblems produce these in different varieties like embroidered badges, Button pins, plastic badges and many more and each sort of badge has a different and unique purpose. These Badges and emblems are also considered as an innovative idea of promoting the brands. That's why Industries are using these markers in a large scale. The major sectors like Navy and Army are also using these as Badges and emblems have a major and vital role in their field because these badges show their distinctive position, their rank and status, without speaking any word.
In corporate sector, these badges and emblems are also used as reward. When a badge or an emblem is given to a person or a staff member, it gives encouragement to that person and he is able to remember his excellent contribution in the organization.

Different types of badges

Embroidered Badges: Embroidered badges are also known as woven patches. These symbols have substantial space in which one can print the long messages, logos, and trademarks. These patches can be directly stitched on the clothes at the desired space like on the pockets of the school uniforms, Military uniforms etc.
Button Pins:  Button pins are also known as catch pins. These identifications hold the pictures and logos of the organization.
Die struck badges: Die struck badges are colorless metallic markers. These badges are available in the market at the reasonable prices and can be attached by using stick pins. These identifications are most commonly used for celebrations and occasions.
Name Badges: These badges are also known as ID badges and are especially used at work places.  These badges can be used to mark the identity of a person. These might be made with a metal or plastic. Name markers can hold an organization's logo, names, a message or a motto.
Photo Etched Badges: These badges are formed by performing photo-lithography, a type of chemical process, where a design is transferred on the metal sheet. Later on, required colors are filled between the raised part of the metal to make the desired identification.

Different types of Emblems

Enameled Emblems:  Such type of emblem is also known as Cloisonne. These emblems are made up of copper and later on, enameled by colored glass.
Plastic Insert Emblems: As name signifies, these emblems are made by using clear plastic which is then coated with the required color.
Automobile Emblems: Vehicle emblem is another name of Automotive emblem. These are basically installed on the vehicles to grab the attention of people. Different Car manufacturers use such emblems to promote their brand. Automobile emblems are made by using chrome so that these become durable and can handle hostile atmospheric conditions.

Badges and Emblems – Other Uses

Nowadays, every organization wants to remain ahead of it's competitors & for the same it adopts various promotional or advertising techniques like making advertisements in electronic media and in print media, which is somewhere very much costly. Therefore, a very much cost-effective as well as a new idea has become popular and that is use of promotional badges and emblems. This method really works out for the company and helps in the growth of the company. For Example, when a company advertise about a product, accompanied with a badge, then many of the onlookers will pay attention to that product and might get urge to know about that item. Moreover, people may able to know about the company, its status and its market position, which further helps in the promotion of that particular organization.

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