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Glass & Glassware - Features and Different Types

Glass is the name given to an amorphous non crystalline solid material which is hard and brittle and are usually transparent in nature. Different varieties of glasses are available in the market in the present day. The most common type among them is soda lime glass which has the composition of about 75% silicon dioxide, sodium oxide from soda ash and various other types of minor additives.
Another kind of glass is silicate glass which is used in many applications because of its transparency. One of the prime uses of this particular type of glass is in the building industry like making up of doors and windows. Traditionally this type of glass was only used to make bowls, jars but now Glass & Glassware are very much in demand for home d├ęcor purposes. One of the primary components of glass is silica. Glass has many physical properties such as :

  • Optical properties- Glass appears to transparent when subjected to visible wavelength of light when is the main beauty of glass.
  • Other significant property of glass is that it can be available in various intricate designs and can thus be used for various purposes.
Glassware is referred to the particular table ware and drink ware which are made up of glass. Various types of Glass & Glassware used for dining purposes are teacup, mug, beaker, goblet, wine glasses, glass container, punch bowl vase, beverage coaster, pitcher to name a few.

Types of glassware

Various types of glassware are available here in the market. Some of the broad kinds of attractive glassware are as follows:

  • Cobalt blue glassware- This type of glassware is made up of cobalt blue glass which has a deep blue glass which is usually prepared by the procedure of adding cobalt compounds to molten glass. The main attraction for this type of glassware is its blue color which makes it very different from other glasses.
  • Vintage glassware- This particular type of glassware is made of glass available in the great depression era. This is said to be the first glassware produced by machine. Various dinner wares like casserole dishes, bake ware items are available in this category.
Glass & Glassware are now sold by various dealers and manufacturers on online portal sites. For the customer there are a wide range of options available at a very reasonable price which will certainly fits one budget and fulfill one’s desire.
List of Glassware manufacturers presenting a wide and unique range in this domain.

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