Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tractors - Helping Hands in Farming and Agricultural Task

The word Tractors was derived from the Latin word trahere which means to pull. Thus it is nothing but engineering vehicles which are designed to deliver a high torque at minimal speed. Often these kinds of vehicles are used in the purpose of agriculture. Agricultural implements are often mounted in these types of tractors and it provides a source of power if it is used properly. Often these vehicles are used for pulling wagons or ploughs. Now days these vehicles are used for wide range of works including that of agricultural tasks to that of tillage.
Tractors and its classification:

They are often classified on the basis of axles and wheels and the main categories involve that of two wheels and four wheel types. Among all other type two wheel tractors are the most common of all. Where as four wheels drive or track are made up of steel or rubber tracks. Four wheels came into appearance in the year 1960 and some of the four wheels have two large and two small tires both at the front and the end side of the vehicle. Were as in recent times there are existence of this vehicle which almost look like a caterpillar and which is often used for agricultural purposes and there are certain vehicles which got more advanced and has an eight wheel drive unit with one or two power units which are in the middle and they are often steered with the help of hydraulic clutches or pumps. These tractors settings and mechanisms bears similarity to that of an old farm based one.

Tractors and its engines:

The vehicles in its earlier time used steam engine on the basis of which it ran. It was in the twentieth century that it unlike other vehicles started running on gasoline and kerosene. In the post 1950s the vehicle started running in diesel and later on liquefied petroleum gas. Now in modern times it runs on biodiesel.

Farm Tractors:
Farm Tractor
It is a vehicle which is more often used especially for agricultural work. Farm Tractor is basically a simple open vehicle with two large driving wheels resting on an axle and slightly behind a single seat. The design of this vehicle remained same over the years. It is mainly used for farming of a land and a enclosed cab is fitted on the modern vehicles for safety purposes.

In conclusion all that can be said that Tractors are often used for not only farming of a land but also for wide range of other purposes.

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