Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hair Extensions - An Artificial Way to Bring Growth of Hair

Hair Extension is a method which helps one to incorporate artificial hair on an individual head. The process is often followed to protect natural hair collected from other individual. These hair techniques use superior technology and changes ones hair without making it look unreal. 

Hair Extensions
 Hair Extension and its varied methods

The following techniques use wide range of methods and procedures to preserve and protect ones natural hair. On the other hand the first technique that is being used is known as clip in or clip on procedure. In this method hair weft has a toupee clip sewn into it. Usually varied range of clips is used and the hair is sectioned neatly. Each clip is used into its rightful place. The whole procedure is continued until each clip is positioned in its place. Clip in can be worn for a whole day but it should be removed before going to bed. The next method which is followed in this methodology is the bonding and sealing extension and the method involve use of hair adhesives for bonding and prevention of hair damages. The technique doesn’t cause any damages to the hair unless proper treatment of it is taken. There are wide ranges of bonding methods that are followed in this methodology one is the soft bond method, and other is the hard bond method. The soft bonding process is one of the flexible methods and it is made up of latex and acrylic based adhesives. Where as in the hard bonding method certain types of adhesives are used which contain cyanoacrylate or super glue. Thus hard bonding method of Human Hair Extensions is more long lasting than that of soft bonding method as it never uses any types of water like substances which worsen the whole setting. On the other hand in the fusion method uses a hot glue gun based machine to attach hair on an individual scalp.  Then a heat clamp is applied to melt the adhesive which attach the artificial hair with the natural one. Fusion methodology allows washing of hair frequently and usage of hair gels in order to maintain the shine of the hair. One of the biggest disadvantage of this technique is it is very time consuming.

Human Hair Extensions and traditional methodology:
Human Hair Extension
Other than modern methodology of maintaining hair one should follow the traditional methods of maintaining the hair which involves nothing but regular shampooing of the real hair. Some of the experts suggest that one should use mild shampoo and even wig shampoo in order to maintain the hair and its normal states.
Before concluding all that can be said about Human Hair Extensions is that one can treat his artificial hair as a natural one if that person takes a real good care of his or her hair. Hair straitening is one of such method which one should avoid in order to damage ones own hair.

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