Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Roll Down the Shutters to Insecurity & Energy Wastage with Rolling Shutters

You can install Rolling Shutters in window and door openings to protect your premise from intrusion, break-in, noise, sun, wind, etc. These are available in automatic and manual operation types. It is a type of door/window shutter that consists a number of horizontal slats or bars hinged together. This door is raised to open it & lowered down to close. You must know that the Rolling Shutters are installed in various shops, industries, prisons, warehouses, retail stores, etc. and quite preferable to other options. A wide range of Roller Shutters is available in Indian markets as well as overseas. Some of the most commonly used shutter types include Built-on Roller Shutter Doors, Built-in Roller Shutter Doors, Industrial Rolling Shutter, Manual Push Rolling Shutter, Automatic Rolling Shutters, and Roller Shutter with Tilting Lathes.

Rolling shutters will also help you in the protection against vandalism and burglary attempts. Also, they are very useful as a method of insulation and can effectively protect windows from hail damage in the areas frequently exposed to inclement weather. These are manufactured by utilizing latest technologies as well as in accordance to the latest safety requirements of the world. Automatic Rolling Shutters are strong, 100% reliable, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly.

Rolling Shutters
Rolling shutters perform various important functions such as:

Break-in protection: Home, shop, factory or office security is the main task performed by these products. In your absence these shutters can assure 100% protection for your property.
Sun protection: Protection of carpeted floors, curtains and furniture from fading due to the influence of sun rays and keeps the place cool in scorching heat.
Energy saving: When the slats are rolled down there is air gap between the shutter and window which acts like a thermos. Therefore, shutters help in creating an optimal temperature in the house resulting in heat during winters and ensure chill during hot days. This further saves up to 20% of energy.
Weather protection: Protect windows from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. and other objects that can cause damage
Noise protection: Helps in reducing noise level in your home, office, etc. for leisure/comfortable work.

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