Monday, 8 September 2014

Fashion Apparel: A Stylish Way to Survival

The word fashion denotes practice of wearing clothes to decorate and protect the body form the outer environment. At first it came as necessity for survival after that it became an art to decorate and process to look beautiful. With the changing needs of the society the pattern and the style also changes every day. Technically Fashion Apparel means clothing or apparels that are in modern trend. Today many apparel manufacturers, suppliers and individual boutique designers and brand value shops are there to give the best to its buyers. Different style and era represent different style of dresses that are in high demand now. Formal wear and informal wear both are now going very experimental these days with good looks and echo friendly approach. Often the young generations are very much influenced by movie stars and fashion shows so the makers are crating those replica dresses that are in high demand now.
  • Fashion Industry: The fashion Industry consists of four progressive levels. The first step is the production of the raw materials like fiber, textile, leather and fur. Then the creation of fashion good by designers and manufacturers. The next step is the retail sales and the promotion of the product.
  • Academic Approach: Now days many Fashion Apparel institutes are there to teach how to make and design clothes with doing experiments and launching their own brand. The famous celebrities also endorse such designers and encouraging their talents and becoming their brand ambassador.
  • Social Media: In the beginning of the 20th century, various style magazines started to include photos of various new fashion designs and became even more dominant than the past. In most of the metropolitan cities throughout the world these Fashion Apparel magazines were seriously followed after and had a deep impact on public choice in apparels.
  • Anthropological Aspect: the study of human culture and society shows the development around fashion industry. The style of clothing shows the set of beliefs of the people regarding their life. Fashion changes very fast and can be a medium of communication throughout the world. It is very important that the clothes are circulated via nonprofit making organizations to the needy and lower strata of the society for re-use.
Apparel Fashion as well as the fashion industry provides scope for creativity and rigorous platform for continuous growth. Good fashionable clothes and greeting complements always builds confidence in the user and creates satisfaction. People express their racial identity and communal hierarchy via textile industry. Fashion can also be used to promote a cause like health care, raising fund and aids to the needy. To promote high quality, skin friendly and environment friendly fashion the upcoming designers are there to take this challenging apparel fashion to a new level. The chain of production of fashion goods and consumption is changed by the time. Commodities are no longer utilitarian but fashionable to create more fashion consciousness among the people. Fashion is art and the fashion apparels greatly depend on the mood occasion of the event. To enhance the look and increase the style quotient staying fashionable is necessary.

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