Saturday, 26 July 2014

Menthol Crystals and their Diverse Uses

Menthol Crystals
Menthol crystals, as we all know, are most sought-after for the cooling and refreshing sensation that they offer and these are primarily used in toothpastes, Peppermint and balms. These wonder crystals are made by crystallizing peppermint oils and then processing them to be used in various forms in different utility products.

These crystals which do not melt at room temperature are also insoluble in water making them suitable for use in various pharmaceutical and FMCG products. Though it is the unique strong aroma and the cooling sensation that makes it so popular with customers, it also has strong antiseptic and anti-irritant properties which make it a potent pain reliever as well as wound healer too.

Menthol Crystals also find use in various high end bath and personal care products, again due to its cooling and anti-allergic properties. Soaps as well as talcum powders having menthol are always high on demand during the warmer months as they are known to provide great relief from the itching and rashes that usually show up due to excessive heat.

Menthol Crystals are also used in large quantities by companies involved in making flavored pipes and cigarettes. Different kinds of menthol flavored tobaccos meant for cheroots, pipes and even hookahs are popular with people fond of smoking tobacco as when the menthol fumes are inhaled along with the tobacco, people not only feel light but refreshed too.

Menthol Crystals are also used in great numbers in the making of lozenges that give temporary relief from throat irritation and congestion as menthol is known to be a great healer of broncho-constriction.

Body talcs and perfumes that have menthol in them also have a great demand in the market and are manufactured by leading FMCG brands and marketed under various names with promises of a variety of skin soothing effects.

Though Menthol Crystals which are made from crystallized pepper or corn-mint have a variety of uses, just like any other chemical substance, excessive use of menthol can also have disastrous side effects. While the aroma can be addictive, excessive application on skin may result in some forms of skin irritation.

Menthol Crystals
Companies engaged in manufacturing of FMCG products involving menthol should exercise extra caution while sourcing these products as any low quality product may lead to severe health effects that can be detrimental to the company’s reputation as the manufacturer of FMCG products.

Thankfully though, with the advent of online sales portals, buying of authentic menthol crystals has become as and hassle free as shopping for clothes online and when procured from trusted sources such purchases greatly help in cutting down on the company’s overheads which goes in hunting for the right resources to procure materials from.


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