Friday, 12 April 2013

Circuit Boards & Types of Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards are insulated boards where microchips are etched or mounted along with interconnected circuits. One should look for sell circuit boards options to purchase these boards at a discounted rate.
These boards are used in cell phones, computers, car electronics and telecommunication equipments to connect various electronic components within these equipments.  One can choose from double or multilayered insulated boards or rigid-flex type of board.

Materials to look for

Copper is used for manufacturing the base of these boards where the microchips and electronic components are generally mounted and these boards are laminated by using epoxy resin. The circuit boards are usually green in color due to the color of the resin which is used in these but these might be available in various other colors.


The manufacturing companies use antistatic bags for packaging these boards. These bags reduce the change of accumulation of static charges when these boards are handled and transported to various industries.

Types of circuit boards

One can choose from different types of circuit boards such as breadboard, stripboard and printed board and each of these boards are noted for their specific characteristics.
Breadboard is temporary type of circuit board and they hardly require any type of soldering. The components of these boards can be easily re-used and replaced.
The stripboard is a permanent and soldered circuit board and has parallel copper strip tracks. The strips and holes of these boards are placed at a regular distance which is nearly 2.5mm.
The printed boards consists insulators and threads of copper which is used as conducting material. The insulator may have a single or multiple layers which are glued to from a single unit.


While purchasing these boards one should always remember few important things. The first thing that one should consider is the type because price of these boards vary according to the type of these boards. One should always look for popular manufacturers and dealers as most of them provide different types of Circuit Boards sell offers to their customers.  There are numerous stores from where one can purchase the circuit boards at a discounted rate. There are stores and dealers who sell boards of branded companies and can also alter the configuration of these boards according to the need of the customers.
Various electronic companies contact these circuit board manufacturers and dealers to purchase these boards in bulk amount at a reasonable price.

The manufacturers

The manufacturers who sell circuit boards have trained professionals who offer after sales support to their customers. They manufacture these boards by using modern tools and technologies. They purchase quality raw materials and sort them carefully to manufacture these boards.


There are several online shopping portals from where one can get information about these circuit boards. From these websites one can get information about the different types of materials which are used in these boards and also about the different types of boards which are available. One can even place online order through these sites and get these boards delivered within a stipulated time.

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